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Locks are important to avoid having a bike stolen as is unfortunately common in London.  We would recommend spending at least 10% of the bike's value in locks, but with a minimum of 35.  This is due to the quality and strength of locks at that level.  They are much more difficult to circumvent, and provide greater security.  Please do come and visit us so we can discuss your needs.

Tidy Tent

For Example we offer the Tidy Tent, which can house two to three bikes, depending on how you stack the bikes.  The Tidy Tent can be fitted with a secure anchor into the wall or ground to which you can lock your bikes while keeping them away from rain.

We have locks from OnGuard, Kyrptonite, Trek, and Knog, and will, of course, fit them to your bike and show you how to use them.

KnogTrekOnGuard LocksKryptonite

* prices accurate as of January 2016
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