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Bike Servicing

Bike servicingWe can service pretty much any bike and can even respray bikes to their original paint job.  We routinely service road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, vintage style bikes (such as Hetchins).  We have more than 25 years of experience in the bike trade and Stratton Cycles in Wandsworth has been around for much longer than that.

How often do you recommend servicing a bike?

Assuming that you use the bike every weekday for commuting, we recommend that yiou get your bike serviced every 6 months.  If you don't, it can last a little longer, so long as it is well lubricated and maintained, and the tyres pumped up.

How much do you charge for servicing?*

We work on a labour rate of 36/hour plus vat. for the work involved and parts are on top of the labour cost.  We offer two levels of servicing: a general service and a full service

The general service (typically an hour):

  • checks over the bike
  • making sure that everything is safe, working well, and lubricated.
  • replacing parts where necessary
  • advising on likelihood of a nearly worn out part lasting on to your next service

A full service adds on (typically two hours):

  • stripping the bike down
  • putting mechanical items such as your cassette, gear mechanisms and chain in our ultrasonic cleanser to get all the grit and dirt out
  • regreasing the hubs, bottom bracket, headset
  • cleaning the bike
If you keep your bike maintained well and choose a general service, assuming you only need brake pads, the cost is somewhere around 45-50* every 6 months which compares very favourably against public transport

Do you quote over the phone?

we try not to as we can't see the bike/wheel/frame, we cannot provide an accurate quote over the phone.  Any prices given over the phone must be understood as estimates and we can give a better estimate by seeing the bike/wheel/frame in person where we can have a look at it and examine the problem properly.

Please note our collection policy for repairs

* Prices accurate as of January 2016 and are subject to change by the management
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