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We have a wide range of lights, locks, reflective gear, shoes, helmets, puncture repair kits, oil, grease, spare parts, trip computers, and sports drinks.  Come in and see how we can help you.


KnogWe have lights by the following companies, and have spare batteries in case your own have run out.  All the lights we sell are very bright.  Come in and see our range.

  • Knog
  • Torch
  • One 23 (super bright lights)
  • Fibre Flares
  • moon
one 23 lights

Reflective Gear

We have fully waterproof jackets, reflective belts, reflective gloves, reflective helmets (from Proviz), backpack covers and even reflective trouser clips.  Come in and see what clothing we have for you.


  • Outer Edge
  • proviz

  • Respro
  • Glo Marker
  • Pulsar
  • Sam Browne

Limar HelmetsHelmets

We stock Bontrager and Limar helmets, known for their durability, high quality and reasonable price.  We stock Children's helmets and adult's helmets and will help you fit your helmet.  Come in and see our range.

Sports Drinks and Food

We stock sports drinks from Science in Sport (SiS) in a variety of flavours, along with "Go" Energy bars and "Go" Isotonic Energy Gels.  Come in and see our range

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