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History of the shop

Stratton Cycles

The Very Early Years (1927-1955)

The shop was founded by Claude Butler (yes, the Claude Butler you see on many bikes) in the 1920s and was used for building bike frames, and of course bikes. 

George Stratton (1955-1980s)

It then passed onto his foreman, George Stratton, after whom the shop is named. 

Peter, the third owner (1980s - 2005)

The third owner was Peter, and in 2005, he passed it on to it's fourth and current owner

Mark (2005 - present)

Mark, has revamped the shop, and added his own touch.  If you come in on the right day you may even see his Leonberger puppies and his dog Oz

The front of the shop has not changed much, and indeed some of the original drawers used by Claude Butler are still in place, of course with newer parts in them.  In the past few years, Mark has sought to bring in a number of products to serve the people in and around Wandsworth, including folding bikes, many hybrids, and a good selection of road bikes.

Stratton Cycles is a limited company, registered in England and Wales. Company No. 05402385. VAT No. 859 132 312