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Cycle to Work

Cycle to WorkWe offer the cycle to work scheme where you can get tax free bikes from your work.  All bikes we sell can participate in the scheme.  For more information on the scheme and how it works, please see below

How does it work?

Step 1: You come in to us, and try a range of bikes (unless you know the particular bike and size you want), and we work with you to find the right bike for you.

Step 2: We write out a quote for the bike and accessories that you want, and you take that to your employer.  We will set aside the bike you chose for when you come back with your voucher

Step 3:  You take the quote to your employer and do something internally with HR, often involving entering the details into a website.  Later You get a voucher from your employer.  Please do not fill this out, as we will do this with you in store to ensure it's all accurate and correct

Step 4: Come back to us with the voucher, and we will fill it in with you there.  You will then have the bike and be able to enjoy it

Step 5: Please come back after 4-6 weeks of enjoying your bike for a free service that is included in the bike's purchase.

Points to note

  • Please do not sign the voucher from Step 3 until you are with us and receive the bike as this can cause problems because the date may be later than
  • Unless your company has a credit lending facility available to employees, you can only purchase items up to 1,000
  • As of late 2010, cycle computers (or speedometers) cannot be bought using the cycle to work scheme as it's not considered a safety device.

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